Chicken and Egg Story… (Career Style)

What came first? No, not the Chicken or the Egg. I meant did your talent come first, or your career choice.

My recent reading in aligning one’s natural abilities with your vocation has me thinking. I’ll use myself as an example, but plug yourself into the picture. My choice of education was defined by my natural proclivity. To me, that’s better than going to college just to get a job you may not be suited for.

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of job opportunities for “Philosophers”. I couldn’t find anything even close. So I did what I think most newly-minted college graduates are doing now in this economy. Take whatever job you can get, if you are that fortunate.

In my case, it landed me in sales. I eventually migrated to insurance sales. For a good part of my career I thought I had missed the boat on having the career that allowed me to pursue my natural talents.

Come to find out, I was wrong. Working with people and helping them get what they want out of life does take philosophy. Teaching people how to THINK about money is a larger part of the responsibility than is product knowledge.

So ask yourself a couple of questions.;

1. Do I really believe the insurance advisor position is flexible enough to be successfully pursued in a variety of ways?

2. Do I want my ideal lifestyle badly enough to figure out how to deliver my services in a fashion that is consistent with my core talents?

Which came 1st? Doesn’t matter, because now you can change how you present yourself to the world at any point in your career.

Unsure of your core talents, or gifts? I have discovered a resource that you’ll find helpful.

Just give me a call or email me, and I’ll explain how to use it.

PS.  Imagine how much more satisfaction you’ll get out of life by doing what you were meant to be doing, instead of just whatever will make a buck.



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