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“Inside Out ” Marketing is Costing you Money

What is “Inside Out” marketing, and why is it keeping me broke? Ok, so maybe you’re not broke, but this very common business mistake is costing the majority of agents and advisers much more than they know. It is a force of habit mindset that we are all subject to without even being aware of it. You […]

Why are you in THIS business?

By Paul Silva, CLU, ChFC As agents and advisers it is easy to forget why we went into this business in the first place. As a wholesaler, we recently had this brought to our attention in one of those year-end “thanks for the business” type emails. This one was different. This one put our contribution of over […]

Defeating Client’s Procrastination

I just had a client tell me he is stalling on the exam for an application that he completed last week. Ever heard that one? Since it took him almost 6 months to complete the application in the first place, my initial reaction was frustration. He hadn’t even finished telling me why he was dragging his […]

Eliminate a Paperwork Hassle

By: Rich Altier | 800-695-8224 ext. 129 Don’t you just hate filling in appointment paperwork? It would be easier to just use the companies you are already appointed with, but the client needs a product you can’t get without adding a company. So you bite the bullet and prepare yourself for the drudgery of filling in […]

Got Philanthropy?

  How to go broke. Just try building a practice based exclusively on philanthropy. Unless you are well enough capitalized to hold your breath for 3 or more years, this is a sure recipe for disaster. As cool as “Wealth Replacement Trusts” sound, and as powerful as they look on paper, there’s a problem. They Don’t […]