This post may come off a lot like a book report. So let me remind you of our mission. Making the life of an agent better by sharing resources is what this blog is about. One of the traits of agents is their desire to help others. We all know how it feels when that […]

LTCI vs. Linked Benefits – Which One When? By: Bob Vandy, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF, CLTC February 5, 2015 Earlier today, we held a very successful webinar with the above title, co-presented by myself and Marketing Director Dave Michalski.  I say very successful because both our reservation and actual attendee numbers were twice what they normally […]

The sweatshirt you see in this post might very well be my favorite Christmas present from this year. I don’t want to insult any of the thoughtful gift givers I was blessed by, but this one has special meaning for me. With all the emphasis on environmentalism these days, I’m surprised no one has expressed […]

Everyone is talking about making your marketing content more “personal”, or letting your audience know who you really are. In the financial services industry there is a very prevalent tendency toward over-“professionalism”. Trying to look like your armor has no chinks in it never works. Give people the credit for being able to handle that […]

By Paul Silva, CLU, ChFC   I have a friend who says that every time someone, usually me, says something incredibly stupid. Said with just the right amount of incredulousness, it really does make you re-think whatever just came out of your mouth. Well, I have an example for you that is relevant to our […]

What came first? No, not the Chicken or the Egg. I meant did your talent come first, or your career choice. My recent reading in aligning one’s natural abilities with your vocation has me thinking. I’ll use myself as an example, but plug yourself into the picture. My choice of education was defined by my […]